Saturday, August 25, 2012

My mojo. I'm useless without it.


mojo sauce: it is so should make some. poste haste.

i made some simple chard, potato, and black bean tacos with mojo sauce and avocado the other day and it was pure joy.

first, i steamed some taters.  I set them aside and let them cool. the chard was washed and the stems separated. i chopped the stems and sauteed them in a little olive oil first. then came the potatoes and beans. i added the chopped leaves last.

concerning tacos and burritos, i have experimented a great deal here with cheese. i am a fool to make such a declaration in the land of cheese, but... i really adore jack. it's just that i prefer something simple and gentile for my tortillas. asiago has won a prize for being an acceptable burrito and taco and quesadilla cheese. it melts well, it has a mild flavour, and it's tasty.

i shredded some asiago and sliced half an avocado.

then i put the whole thing together:

corn tortilla, cheese, avocado, chard bean potato mixture, mojo.



Bon Appétit

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