Saturday, December 29, 2012

...and sometimes food is not for eating.

the weather outside might be frightful, but baking things inside makes the house smell delightful.

when the apples came tumbling down from the trees at the abode of the mister's parents, we were gifted a winter storage box stuffed with the bounty. we've done our fair share eating the apples, baking the apples, and such, but i thought of one more way to enjoy the apples: sapin de Noël ornaments.

some of the apples looked a bit... tired. they werent over the hill totally, but well on their way. i didnt want to waste the buggers, so i peeled and chopped them, sprinkled on some lemon juice, boiled them in water until soft enough to squash, and made applesauce. 

IMG_6940i added an entire bottle of cinnamon to about 3/4ish cup of applesauce, as well as some nutmeg and cloves, and made a dough. i pressed it with baking paper and let it hang out in the fridge for a short while. this dough is a bit persnickety to work with, and making it cold helps. a lot.

from there, i just used my cookie cutters and made stars.  lots and lots of stars.  when the dough started to rebel, i stuck it back in the fridge.

the stars were baked at 100C for nearly 3 hours.

and what better way to hang the apple ornaments? why, with orange slices! this process is unquestionably easy: thinly slice an orange or two. line a baking pan. turn the oven on low (100C/200F). sprinkle the orange slices with spices. bake for 4 hours (wait for the slices to slowly dry out. they'll become hard and shrink quite a lot once all the moisture is out). and they smell ah-may-zing.

and the melding of the spices, apple, and orange smells? a bouquet of winter. next year i am considering making wreaths with these.

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