Sunday, January 27, 2013

it's another potato sunrise

this week i made this curry for lunch. two days in a row.  it is going to become a staple, methinks. it is easy, fast, and intoxicating. imagine this: golden onion smell commingling with coriander, cumin, cayenne, cardamom, and fresh ginger... and that is just the beginning. enter tomato paste and chickpeas and coconut milk. i might have been caught sneaking spoonfulls of leftovers...and someone else might have finished off the second batch...  clearly this is a sign.  we are hooked.  and since i regularly have chickpeas, coconut milk, and onions at my disposal...well...

so delicious.

IMG_7286also this week, i made two kinds of vegetarian sausage. first up, a spicy sausage from the PPK for us to eat with bell peppers and pesto rosso.

IMG_7304later in the week, i made a sage apple sausage for dinner -- a favourite. this time i served the sausage breakfast style, along with a twice baked breakfast potato. since the sausage recipe calls for mashed potatoes, it felt like a perfect match.

two potatoes were baked in advance. then i lopped the top off and scooped out the guts.

i put down a layer of mushrooms, some fresh parsley, and some gruyere cheese.

next, i cracked an egg inside the potato cave and shoved it in the oven at 175/350 for what seemed like forever. in reality, it was only 25 minutes.

and dinner.

bon app!

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