Saturday, February 9, 2013

a taste of spring when surrounded by winter

these days we are shrouded in grey and white.  we know spring will come but it's not enough--it's been winter since october.  im ready for warmth and light.

yesterday for lunch, i made us a sweet little sauce that was fresh and springy. it was good enough to help us pretend. and today? the sun is out. literally.


1 leek
1 1/4+ cup almond rice milk
a shake of flour
pad of butter
1 handful fresh basil
ground almonds


i sweat the leeks with a little oil and added in some of my favourite mushroom-based veggie chicken. with the kitchen sheers, i minced the basil leaves into the pot, gave it a stir, and moved the lot into a bowl. in the same pot, i made a roux (i used butter) and slowly poured in the almond rice milk. once it started to thicken, i added the goods back in and sprinkled on some ground almonds.


a grind or two of pepper and salt and we had a taste of spring.  

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