Monday, May 27, 2013

wacky wintertime weather is whack (must warm bones!)

it seems that winter has decided to return, temporarily (we hope). we had a few days of warmth, thought spring was settling in, but, alas, no. highs are expected to be in the mid-40s (that's around 7C). there was a frost last night (stay strong, baby basil plants!), and predictions of snow it snowed at my in-law's house.

the glorious sun came out for a brief interlude friday, and saturday we returned to grey and goosebumps.

IMG_9659and so, the mister declared it fondue weather.

IMG_9662and fondue means... garlic. copious amounts of garlic. at least at chez nous*.

and wine. and kirsch. and cheese. wubb-uh-ly bubb-uh-ly cheese.

now, we werent insane enough to prepare the eggs at the end.  this time. still, we gorged on the crunchy cheese from the bottom of the pot.

and today, i've decided to make soup. recalling november and december jaunts to southern california to visit my grandparents, aunt, and cousins, and the inevitable stop at anderson's for split pea soup, i have plundered the pantry and yes! found some split peas.

my mom's version included a ham stock and bits of meat. my version is veggie-friendly and includes roasted vegetables.

step 1: roast onion and carrot with greek oregano.

step 2: make stock. i used celery, onion, roasted onion and carrots, and astragalus root, and bay leaf.  let those flavours mingle.

step 3: wash and sort peas.  add to the stock.

step 4: COOK! for a few hours. muuuuushy.

step 5: immersion blenderize! eat!

*the first time i made fondue with the mister in switzerland, in the middle of summer when it was HOT and we lived in an attic space, was when my friend adam was visiting europe before law school (yay adam! he's graduated now!). i had been in the country, oh, maybe a week or two? something like that. anywho, not knowing my fanny from a hot rock concerning fondue**, i asked him how much garlic i should chop. he said "as much as you like." MU HA HA HA HA. maybe it was the pre-fondue wine and the heat of the kitchen, but i chopped darn near the whole head. THAT was a good fondue.

**we made fondue when the mister was visiting california, the winter before i moved, for friends. being, you know, a team USA girl, i made sure to provide vegetables with our spread. the mister was confused as all get out. vegetables?! well, yeah, i mean, this is fondue, right? vegetables and apples, sure! being a good sport, he rolled with it. earlier in the day there had been a charged discussion with my housemate concerning a fondue pot... the poor guy.

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