Saturday, June 15, 2013

avocad-oh, yes!

when a friend posted this recipe with the words "must try" i found myself nodding enthusiastically. indeed. must try. so i did.

i made a few alterations. I used a tube of condensed milk (that's how we roll here) and augmented the rest of the creamy ingredients with some plain yogurt. i also used lemon and lime juice, because im wild. and, we dont have graham crackers, so i bought a box of butter cookies and used that instead.

the mister is away for a few weeks, so im eating lots of soup and sandwiches.

salmon chowder

and this pie. yes, oh yes. this pie.  




you should make this pie too.
you should.


  1. Oh, man. I have everything to make that avocado pie right now...except I might make individual parfaits and crumble the graham crackers on top. How long will it retain its lovely green color before oxidizing?

    1. i LIKE that idea!! because of the lemon and/or lime juice, youve got some time. a few days, if kept in the fridge. then the greying begins.