Friday, March 8, 2013

Rouler quelqu'un dans la farine: lentils

it's not that i dislike lentils. i like them fine in stews and soups... ive always enjoyed dal dishes when out at an indian restaurant... and i KNOW that they are good for me. like, super good. like, they are an iron superfood. i know that. and yet, i have a hard time getting excited about lentils.

IMG_8486the other day i read that a lovely friend's partner had made lentil hummus that their 10 month old was over the moon about. and i thought to myself, that's IT! i can make something i lovelovelove with something i needneedneed! perfect (thank you, q!).

i took 1/2 cup dried lentils and cooked 'em, waited for them to cool, and then into the food processor they went along with:
lemon juice
olive oil

and what i got was a beautifully creamy yummy tasty treat. victory is mine! HA! take that, body! you shall have your lentils!

IMG_8476but then i thought, hmmm, we need to eat this hummus with something.... so after poking around ye olde internet, i found a recipe for flatbread i wanted to try.


and then i went ahead and made us a nice salad for lunch, with grapes, kalamata olives, hummus, and flatbread.


for dinner, i made shrimp and rice. these spices worked well with the hummus, but would be equally scrumptious on their own.


i used:
1 onion
2 cloves garlic
fistful of fresh parsley
whole almonds
good squeeze tamarind juice
curry powder
lots and lots of coriander
sprinkle of anise
basmati rice
good knob of butter, melted

i let the onion and garlic dance with some oil in the pan, then i added the shrimp and parsley.  meanwhile, i prepared some basamati rice.  i added the spices to the shrimp, once the onion and garlic were browned, and then the tamarind juice, cranberries, and almonds.  I pulled the mixture off the heat.

once the rice was prepared, i set it aside.  i melted some butter in my fondue pot and then poured it into a separate bowl.  i layered the rice and shrimp mixture in the fondue pot, poured the melted butter on top, put on a lid, and let it steam on low heat for about 30 minutes.  my hope was to make the bottom rice layer crispy--i miss this crispy rice dish we used to get in china.  i failed at that.  but i did not fail to make something awesomely tasty.  

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