Saturday, May 11, 2013

i want to eat you (B.L.T.)...

Behold! a BLT! er, a TLT! ...with avocado... ok, so a TLAT! (tee-laa-tee).  i like that:
i cannot remember the last BLT i had, but i fondly recall the perfect combination of salty and crunchy and sweet. for some reason, i found myself thinking of BLTs... and i knew i had to make myself some bacon. i have already learned to use lapsang souchong in lieu of liquid smoke, so i felt as though this was an accomplishable mission. indeed it was.

IMG_9509 IMG_9511 IMG_9514
tofu was sliced and pressed and soaked in:
brewed lapsang souchong (how much? er, a cup-ish? i think?)
soy sauce
maple syrup
splash of worcestershire sauce

i left the tofu soaking for the majority of the day.

next, it was gingerly placed on a baking sheet, peppered, and baked at 200 for roughly 40 minutes.
IMG_9517 IMG_9520

BACON! no, it doesnt taste like bacon. but it has the irresistible sweet/salty/crunchy taste.

after toasting my (XL!*) bread, i spread on some avocado, and piled on lettuce, and tomato, and a few slices of tofu bacon.


*XL = team USA regular sized sandwich bread.  ha ha ha.


  1. thats awesome that the tobacon was crispy-ish. 200c, right?

    1. mmhmmm, 200C and it was good and crunchy-ish :)